How to sell

Selling an item at auction is a very effective way to sell it to the most offering person.
This way of selling brings guarantees as well.

How to sell at auctions ?

We will guide you to the most appropriate sale for your item. We work with a great number of auctionhouses in France and abroad. 
Your item can be included in a specialized Asian Art sale, its catalogue being diffused on internet and sent to all internaional specialists, dealers, collectors and amateurs.

Seller's commission :

The commission is fixed by the auctionhouse, it is a pourcentage of the hammer price comprising: catalogue fees, publicity, insurance, photograph (if the item is illustrated), auctionhouse commission and appraiser commission.

The guarantees :

  • Payment :

The auctionhouses are responsable of the payment of your sold item at least two months after the sale.

  • Reserve price:

The seller can fix a reserve price at the low estimate below which the item is not sold. The reserve price cannot be higher than the low estimate.